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Product Reviews
I absolutely love to try new things.  My obsession can be a huge asset to your new product.  If you are looking for an honest and thorough review of a product then look no further!  I will test the product, take pictures and write an extremely detailed review of the product, including any pros and cons.  If you would like to promote a product word of mouth is the greatest way to do it! 
In order for me to review your product:
·         Contact me at
·         Send a sample
·         Upon arrival of the sample I will contact you to let you know when you can expect a detailed review. 
·         When I complete the review I will send a copy to you immediately along with pictures that I plan to include. 
·         If you would like to sponsor a giveaway to create more buzz, send me detailed information so that I can let me readers know all about it.  I will be happy to host a giveaway and prefer that upon completion the winner will receive the product directly from you!
·         Samples will not be returned.  In order for me to review the product I will be using it in order to complete an honest review.
·         As the shipper you will be responsible for all shipping and handling expenses. 
·         Whether you are a business owner or a public relations firm I will contact you with any concerns and/or problems I may have with the product that I am reviewing. 
Please note:  I will complete an honest review of products.  In no way will my opinions be influenced.  I will provide my opinion based on my experience with the products.  I will use the products in everyday situations like I would my own. 

If you would like to be a sponsor on my blog, please send detailed information to, so that we can discuss!   If you are a sponsor you can expect an ad space on my blog and advertisement by me!