Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Looky Looky

SO I got hooked up in a major way last month.  My super cool Aunts deciced to pay me a nice little visit and revamp my house in a super fun late night filled week.  They were only supposed to stay 2 days and that turned into 7 and I am very happy and grateful they could make it and wanted to stay that long!

Monday, January 16, 2012

What's Up!?!?!?!

Hello long lost internet friends,

 I have been so busy it is insane! I started crafting more, started a daycare and stopped blogging!!! So, I decided to start blogging again to keep track of all of my re-do craft extraveganza! I am totally making over my house and furniture and it is actually really a lot of fun.  So, here is the first piece of furniture that I re-did. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

I have become a crazy coupon nerd!!!

I am now obsessed with couponing.  I know I know dorky, but let me just say I am absolutely amazed at how much money you can save doing this.  One of my husbands coworkers has gotten me hooked and now I am telling anyone that will give me two seconds to open my mouth.  I joined a few websites that really do help streamline the process and I am getting my technique down. Here is what I have joined/began following.

There are two different ways you can organize your coupons and I haven't decided what is more efficient for me.  I have only been doing this for 2 weeks.  What I do know is that I have saved a ton of money.  This month alone on shopping I would have spent $429.61 but with my coupons I only spent 137.09 and that includes a trip to Fry's yesterday for groceries for $92. I now have 6 months of cleaning supplies and laundry supplies.  I also began stocking up on all non-perishable food items.  I have so much more that I needed to clear out shelves in my garage and in my kitchen to completely reorganize my pantry and make room for more!

Friday, January 14, 2011

I love Nordstrom Last Chance!

Way back in the day, when I was in high school Dr.Martins were all the rage.  Seriously, I loved them and all of the girls wore them.  They were about $150 full price and that was WAY too expensive for me to pay.  I earned all of my own money to buy clothes by cleaning my house and my cousins house every week.  Enter, the savvy high school shopper.  All of my friends and I started going to Nordstrom Last Chance where we could score our Docs for $30! Now, mind you I do have a passionate and turbulent relationship with my dear Last Chance.  Sometimes I go and scour the store and find NOTHING! UGH! That is the worst.  Last night I went and was reminded why I keep this relationship going! Here are my finds...

Vera Wang Lavender Label for $60, they are in Nordy right this very minute for $275

Nine West "Smarts" which are also in Nordy now for $80, I scored for $18!

And finally, these Toms that I scored for $18!

God I love a good deal!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Beauty on a Budget

I have been pursuing my Drugstore Chic quest and found some amazing products that I am very impressed with. 

  • Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Airbrush Makeup:  This was so impressive it is as nice if not better than Dior Spray Makeup, seriously.  It smells nice and light and goes on very light so that you can build it up should the need arise.  I put this on at 8am and it was there and perfect at 7 with no touch-ups!
  • Maybelline Born With It Lipstick: Gorgeous that should say enough. Not cakey or too thick.  It is creamy and the color rocks.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Drugstore Chic?

I am a cosmetic junkie, I love lip gloss, mascara, eye liner, you name it and I want or have it.  I am devoted to MAC eyeliners and shadows they have the best pigments around.  I have been using La Mer tinted moisturizer and other super expensive brands and decided that I am fed up!  I take great care of my skin with baby shampoo and Cetaphil.

I take my eye makeup off with Vaseline.  I don't have clogged pores or acne either.  I use Clearasil for pimples and yes it works.  So, if my skin care is drugstore why not try to use and find great products from the drugstore and save money!?  I am going to start buying some products and see how they compare to name brand stuff that I have used or currently have and pick my favorites. I have been using Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara for $26 and it lasts about 3 months at which time it really dries out.  My old Maybeline Great Lash in blackest black is still the best buy ever, it is $4.50 and you can get great results with it.  My next favorite pick is Aquaphor, it is fantastic for dry skin, dry lips your heels and your baby's bum. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tsk Tsk

On Tuesday night we all went to Jason's softball games.  I was having a fun time with Liam walking around, playing at the playground and just watching him be cute.  This other chick showed up with her two kids and the younger one was like 2.5.  He started running back and forth on the bleachers so of course Liam wanted to play too.  So, I took his little hand and went back and forth on the bleachers until the other kid decided that he didn't want to share the bleachers that we were on.  He came over and kicked my son, yeah totally kicked him while I was holding his hand.  I looked at his mom for her to come and get her monster, I mean kid and she didn't.  She said (kids name) honey get out of the way, move, move honey.  And, this went on for the next hour until they left.  She never got up once to move her brat even when he got right in Liams face to me mean.  My kid being the best baby ever puckered up for a kiss when the monster got too close!  The kid turned and ran the other direction over a kiss.  Who knew a kiss would do it?  So, the chick never disciplined her kid, never said sorry he kicked Liam basically she sat on her ass and watched her tiny boyfriend (he is my size) play ball.  When did it become okay to ignore your childs poor manners in public?  I think I may have missed that memo...