Friday, August 27, 2010

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just Fabulous

I belong to this website called  You can get any shoe and any bag for $39.95 each.  I have to say I LOVE IT! The first month I bought a cute little purse, then second month I didn't buy anything and this past month I got 2 pairs of shoes.  I love that the shoes are cute, styling and a good value.  If they go out of style or are trendy it is no big deal because they were $40.  I bought these two pairs this month and I am super excited about September picks! The closer it gets to fall the more in love with fashion I fall.  Being an Arizona girl there isn't much I can do in the name of fashion during our sweltering summers.  Needless to say I cannot wait...  Below are the shoes that I just got!

I love...

I love everything right now.  I love my new OPI nail polish Mr & Mrs Mimosa and You don't know Jaques. 

I love my new Avon powder foundation...I know who wears Avon, but lately their stuff is amazing.  The Skin So Soft line is great, the lip gloss and now this. 

I am also loving all of the little details for Liam's party that hubby and I have been working on.  We have found the best deals at Hobby Lobby so far.  I have gotten tissue paper to make the tissue poms in blue and green as well as cupcake liners and all of it was $7 bucks! You can't beat that!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What to do...

Liam is almost a year old (08/30/09) and I am so excited to see him grow everyday.  Since the day he was born I have nursed him.  I knew before he was born that I wanted to nurse him and have been thankful everyday that he still wants to nurse.  I know that many moms don't nurse and that is okay too, it just wasn't an option for me, so there is no judging here.  Liam has never been sick once, no ear infections, no fever, no colds, no flu, nada,!  I think that it all has to do with nursing.  In the begining I had to adjust my eating because it seemed everything I put in my mouth gave him gas and for the first few months it hurt him.  So, I cut out all dairy, onions, garlic, bread and chocolate.  The chocolate didn't last long (I LOVE chocolate) but it gives him gas still! I began introducing sippy cups to Liam when he was 6 months old at the request of his Doc.  He had no interest in water or the juice I tried to give him. Now, he loves getting water from his sippy cup and drinking out of my cups with a straw.  He loves water and lemonade.  I thought I would be sneaky and start to introduce milk, no go.  Liam wants absolutely nothing to do with it at all, he wants boobs! How in the world do I wean him?! I am at a loss.  I try to replace daily nursing with a sippy cup and he spazzes out and goes for my boobs.  At night, he is all over me for boobs.  It is actually funny now when he sees them he comes right for me trying to nurse.  I don't know what to do!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Top 2!

I have never done one of these before! So, here it goes.  My top two biggest indulgences are...

1.Makeup! I love all of it.  I have to have the newest colors from MAC, the latest mascara from Lancome, lip gloss, nail polish, you name it and I want it!

2.  Magazines! I love to read magazines and get so excited when my latest and greatest subscriptions arrive in the mail!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Party Planning

For the last month Jason and I have been planning and preparing for Liams first birthday! I cannot wait!!! I have made my list of to do's, to buy's and to bake! I know that he won't remember or even care but I do! I want it to be gorgeous, yeah I know that he is a boy and I am using boy colors but I have been inspired lately by the pictures of parties and I want to make one of my own! I will be sure to post pictures of all of my crafts and baked goodies!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My BOB...

I love my BOB Ironman and so does my little man Liam.  It is the hands down coolest stroller out.  I have never seen another mom in my area with one and I love it and feel so sorry for them at the same time.  My dad was nice enough to buy me this after I had Liam last year.  I gained almost 80 pounds while I was prego.  I know I know, don't feel bad I was enjoying myself eating cake and cake and did I already mention cake? So, now I am still working on losing the weight and my BOB is a fun part of my day and routine.  I began running with Liam when he was 3 months old, I used blankets to keep him comfy and secure in his seat.  Now, I just strap him in, attach a few toys and off we go! I run intervals and will soon begin running trails on South Mountain!

Wonderful Wednesday

Last night we had a Fabulous storm in Arizona.  It was all rain and wind and gorgeous.  Our lake is now so full that it is over flowing into our backyard! On the bummer side our house leaked from every possible place imaginable! UGH! So, I vented my frustrations to my dad (thank you dad) and now I feel better.  My Shabby Chic makeover will have to include a new paint job for the entire house too now, but no biggie it will just look amazing when I am done!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I am currently obsessed with all things Shabby Chic...

I want to make over my entire house.  I love all things Shabby Chic right now.  Rachel Ashwell is a genius and I love her blog.  I want to recover all of my Ethan Allen, I am going to take my current office desk and move it to be used as a dining table and I want my kitchen redone oh and my bedroom too.  I have decided that I am going to move through the house one room at a time!  Here are some amazing pictures of inspiration.

  I also want to fly to Maine and raid my Aunts amazing store.  Here are some gorgeous pieces that she has! 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Goodwill in Arizona needs help...

This past week, a Goodwill location in Arizona burned down.  Thankfully there were no injuries but the location is a loss.  Goodwill employs people in Arizona and now they are asking for our help.  I love Goodwill and find the best baby toys there!  Here is what they need:

"Goodwill is calling on our GoodDeals Coupon Club members to support us during this challenging time through material and cash donations so that we can continue to operate our 36 programs that focus on putting people to work locally. As you know, it is the collection of donations that we turn into dollars to fund our free services to the community."

You can donate at your local Goodwill with cash contributions and donations.  You can also donate on their website if your choose. 

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."  ~Winston Churchill