Monday, March 8, 2010

Sweet Potato Apple Sauce
1. Steam/bake apples and sweet potatoes together
2.Puree as needed

Baked Apples
1. Core apples
2. Leave skin on
3. Bake in 2 inches of water for 30 minutes at 350 degrees
Good finger food

1. Mash a ripe banana

Bananas & Avocados
1. Peel and de-pit avocado
2. Peel banana
3. Mash banana & avocado
Good finger foods

Peas & Carrots
1.Peel & cut carrots
2.Clean peas
3.Steam peas & carrots
4.Puree peas & carrots
You can also use as finger foods!
Good Finger Foods
Pasta noodles
Chopped hard boiled eggs
Dried apricots
Sweet Potatoes

My Baby Food Quest

So, I am on a quest to make the perfect baby food! Liam is loving everything and none of it is what I am making. I guess the consistency is way off. So I figured I would write about it and write down all of my successful recipes!

We took Liam for his 6 month check up today. He is perfect and teething! Dr. V said that he will get his uppers and lowers at the same time. He got six immunizations today and did great he just let out a good battle cry when she poked him and as soon as she left the room he was laughing again. Such a good baby!