Sunday, November 21, 2010

Beauty on a Budget

I have been pursuing my Drugstore Chic quest and found some amazing products that I am very impressed with. 

  • Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Airbrush Makeup:  This was so impressive it is as nice if not better than Dior Spray Makeup, seriously.  It smells nice and light and goes on very light so that you can build it up should the need arise.  I put this on at 8am and it was there and perfect at 7 with no touch-ups!
  • Maybelline Born With It Lipstick: Gorgeous that should say enough. Not cakey or too thick.  It is creamy and the color rocks.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Drugstore Chic?

I am a cosmetic junkie, I love lip gloss, mascara, eye liner, you name it and I want or have it.  I am devoted to MAC eyeliners and shadows they have the best pigments around.  I have been using La Mer tinted moisturizer and other super expensive brands and decided that I am fed up!  I take great care of my skin with baby shampoo and Cetaphil.

I take my eye makeup off with Vaseline.  I don't have clogged pores or acne either.  I use Clearasil for pimples and yes it works.  So, if my skin care is drugstore why not try to use and find great products from the drugstore and save money!?  I am going to start buying some products and see how they compare to name brand stuff that I have used or currently have and pick my favorites. I have been using Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara for $26 and it lasts about 3 months at which time it really dries out.  My old Maybeline Great Lash in blackest black is still the best buy ever, it is $4.50 and you can get great results with it.  My next favorite pick is Aquaphor, it is fantastic for dry skin, dry lips your heels and your baby's bum. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tsk Tsk

On Tuesday night we all went to Jason's softball games.  I was having a fun time with Liam walking around, playing at the playground and just watching him be cute.  This other chick showed up with her two kids and the younger one was like 2.5.  He started running back and forth on the bleachers so of course Liam wanted to play too.  So, I took his little hand and went back and forth on the bleachers until the other kid decided that he didn't want to share the bleachers that we were on.  He came over and kicked my son, yeah totally kicked him while I was holding his hand.  I looked at his mom for her to come and get her monster, I mean kid and she didn't.  She said (kids name) honey get out of the way, move, move honey.  And, this went on for the next hour until they left.  She never got up once to move her brat even when he got right in Liams face to me mean.  My kid being the best baby ever puckered up for a kiss when the monster got too close!  The kid turned and ran the other direction over a kiss.  Who knew a kiss would do it?  So, the chick never disciplined her kid, never said sorry he kicked Liam basically she sat on her ass and watched her tiny boyfriend (he is my size) play ball.  When did it become okay to ignore your childs poor manners in public?  I think I may have missed that memo...  

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hello again...

I have been busy and uninspired the last month and today I feel like I got my mojo back.  I am four papers away from finally graduating this December.  I cut all of my hair off yesterday and I went to JCrew and bought some gorgeous things, all on sale! 

Liam is getting so cute and smart and funny each day it is amazing to me.  Now he full on chases our dogs while yelling.  He kisses like a kissy monster.  He loves to give hugs.  He can point out so many body parts it is amazing and he actually listens to me when I say NO. 

On another subject, I was feeling like me blogging about me and my life was too self important and wasn't into it.  I joined groups and clubs and other blogs trying to get a ton of followers and for what?  I don't really give a shit if people think I am cool, so I am not doing the high school blog popularity contest thing here.  I follow who I really like to read and see what they are up to because they inspire me.  I write to get what is going on in my head out, period.  I enjoy writing about what is going on because who else am I going to bore with my fashion obsessions and crafty ideas.  So XOXO to my Aunties that LOVE my blog and XOXO to anyone else who really likes to read this!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday...Dream Kitchens

Oh Tay you are making my day today! I love kitchens and cooking and my ultimate goal when we are finally done with our house fix up is to have a kitchen like these!I love Rachel Ashwell and her gallery on her website is to die for as is her amazing blog!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!

This week top 2 is your two favorite songs.  I love music and was in band from 4th grade into high school, yes dorky I know.  I played the clarinet and the bass clarinet and was actually good.  I really wanted to be in the chorus but they did not want me.  I love to sing and I have been reminded many times by my family that I shouldn't.  I love all kinds of music as well, I like rock, pop, rap, hip-hop, classical, opera blah blah.  I have seen a lot of concerts too. I have seen Santana in Arizona and Luciano Pavarotti in England, Destiny's Child and Christina Aguilera.  So as you can see I am all over the board.  My two all time favorite feel good songs are...
1.  Into the Mystic by Van Morrison he is such a hippy and I adore this song.

2. Here Comes the Son & My Sweet Lord by the Beatles and George Harrison.  I love the Beatles and I LOVE these songs, they always make me feel good and happy.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Greatest Idea Ever!

I have had the best idea EVER (well today anyway). I was reading my beloved fashion bible (In Style) and the October issue inspired me to reinvent some of my "previously used" fashions to make them new again this season! So first things first, I have gone through my shoes to determine which are going to be "in" this season and the three standout hits are my
1.  leopard print platforms which have a broken heel (awesome Xmas present from my Grandma!)

2.  Stewart Weitzman platform booties in tobacco brown which are missing laces (major score last year at Last Chance they were at Nordy's for $400 I got them for $27)

3.  Stewart Weitzman ankle boots in black (another Last Chance score for $30)

I am taking all 3 to the shoe repair man to fix the heel and add rubber to all three pairs on the soles (they are pretty slick and I don't want to fall)!
Then I have a muted leopard print cardigan, which can be used with anything!

And finally my Juicy trench that I got from my Aunt Laurie a couple of years ago for Xmas!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blog Hop, I need more followers!

Hello Wednesday,  I am trying to participate in blog hops in order to get more followers and I follow everyone.  I am bummed because for weeks I have gained 3 followers! Ugh, am I boring?  So here goes again! 

Moms Review 4 You

Monday, September 20, 2010

Top 2 Tuesdays!

Top 2 Favorite Hair Products
I love Top 2 Tuesdays! So I used to do hair and I am a major hair snob...big time.  I could go on and on about why products suck and which companies I will never buy from, leave it to Vidal Sassoon to turn you into a holier than thou hair snob.  So my favorite two hair products are....
1. Pureology Nano Works Shampoo and Conditioner. Trust me when I tell you this is AMAZING! It smells amazing and leaves your hair beautiful and feeling nourished.  

2.  Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray.  It smells amazing, holds my hair all day and never gets hard!


Hello Monday,
I have so much stuff to do! I am working on my project for my internship and let me tell you, it is hard! LOL, I am getting so sidetracked and losing focus on my goal.  AHH!  Okay, so that is it, I have been emailing people like crazy looking for resources and information and publications that they are willing to share and I hope they do just that...SHARE.  It is after all in the name of Peace Education. 

I had a great weekend.  On Saturday we took our Jeep out to go 4 wheeling! It was a blast and Liam had a great time. 

On Sunday we watched the Cardinals get the butts kicked in a totally disapointing football game.  Ugh why do they suck so bad!? I feel obligated to root for them because I live in Arizona.  My brother and his family came over for dinner and he brought his gang of schnauzers to hang out with ours and his youngest Hanz walked right in and peed on my chair! Little bastard! So, they spent the entire dinner outside. 
I also had a great time making two diaper clutches which came out totally cute! I will post pics later!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Homemade Sauce!

3 large cans petite diced tomatoes (I use Hunt's)
3 cans tomato sauce (Hunt's)
1 garlic
1 white onion
Italian seasoning (I like McCormick’s)
1 cup sliced mushrooms
1 pound ground sirloin
1 pound ground Italian sausage
4 bone in pork chops

I a large stock pot drizzle a little olive oil to coat the bottom of the pan. 
Smash garlic with knife and put in pot.
Dice onion and also add to pot to sauté with a little butter.
After onions are browned add the ground beef and brown. 
Once ground beef is browned take everything out of pan and set aside in a bowl. 
Put the Italian sausage in pan and brown.  Once that is browned add the ingredients that you set aside back into pot.
Add all of the diced tomatoes and sauce, onions and the Italian seasoning (use as much or as little as you like). 
Stir everything up and the toss the pork chops on top.
 Set the heat to low and let cook for a few hours, I usually let mine cook for 3 to 4 hours.  You can then use the sauce for spaghetti, lasagna or anything you want! Eat the pork chops and enjoy the sauce! There is generally enough to freeze as well so get your Tupperware prepared. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whining is Over...

Okay, I am over my whine pity party session.  I took Liam and hit the gym! I haven't been inside the gym for 6 months! I have been running outside in the miserable heat and subjecting my poor baby to it as well all in the name of a smaller ass.  So, it felt amazing that he actually had fun in the child care with the other kids and they didn't call me out once! He's been before and it was not pretty...I would leave and start my workout with my trainer and ten minutes later they would announce my name over the p.a. system so I would run back and forth, it was torture.  I am in heaven with this. I have also been dreaming of my new fall must haves...

1.  New sheets...

2.  Jewelry...

3.  Warm clothes...
4.  Kindles...

My Mantra

Lately I have been stressed out of my mind.  I have been having bad dreams, thinking about this stress all day long.  I am stressed out over my mother.  I never thought that things could get so bad for her or that she would take the road that she has.  I worry every day about what she is doing, what will happen to her and I can't seem to shut my mind off.  I want to help her and there is nothing that I can do.  She finally called a couple of days ago to talk and it wasn't easy to listen to her lie to me, I told her that no one can help her until she helps herself first .  The hardest part is getting my heart to listen to my head.  I say a mantra now every time I start to get overwhelmed now and here it is...peace and love, peace and love. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!

Things I want to accomplish before the end of the year!

1.     1.  Get more organized! I’m pretty organized now but I want to be organized on the Martha Stewart level.  I want my pantry organized, my laundry room, my office and my crafts.  I have storage now for everything with great file folders and containers to hold it all.  I like for everything in my house to have a “home” if you will and if something is out of place I randomly hide it somewhere.  I don’t intend to hide it but this is inevitably what happens and most of the time it is with my hubby’s things.  My sister in law Megan told an awesome story about me doing this and I didn’t even realize that she was talking about me until the very end.  I don’t want to hide stuff anymore everything will have a place to go and be put away neatly.
1.      2.  Get over my fear of flying!  When I was a wee little kid my brother and I flew everywhere by ourselves and for the past 11 years I am TERRIFIED.  I freak on planes full on panic, sick to stomach, crying.  It is not a pretty sight or feeling.  I don’t drink so that is out of the question and I have tried drugs (legal of course) and I freaked out on Xanax on the plane, it was like I was still freaking but in slow motion.  I am over it, I want to be able to fly to Montana in 2 hours rather than spend 19 hours in the car or fly to see my Grand in California in an hour and Florida to see my papa.  The only solution left to try is to get hypnotized.  My therapist (yes I have one) told me that it can actually help!   Fingers crossed that it works. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Boost My Blog Friday!


New Friend Fridays

Happy Friday Chicas! I started out this beautiful morning by making the most amazing chocolate chip cookies! This recipe is from the lovely Jaimee Rose, a reporter and writer for the Arizona Republic.  She also has a very cool blog on that I love to read.  This weekend I am going to make a fur vest ala The Undomestic Mama.  What are you up to?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Clorox Green Works

I have been inspired recently by my dad, a childhood friend (Christy) and having Liam to become more "green".  I guess that would be jumping on the band wagon, but I feel it is just being more conscientious of what we are using in our homes and our lives.  We don't want to eat dangerous food, why would we clean our homes, clothing, dishes with dangerous chemicals?  I also think that we need to try and take care of "Mother Nature" just like she takes care of us.  I have purchased a few different products and have to say that I LOVE Green Works products by Clorox.  The multi-surface cleaner does a fantastic job, even with the Arizona hard water, the cleaning wipes are amazing and I love love love the laundry detergent.  You can go to their website to get coupons and enter contests.