Friday, January 14, 2011

I love Nordstrom Last Chance!

Way back in the day, when I was in high school Dr.Martins were all the rage.  Seriously, I loved them and all of the girls wore them.  They were about $150 full price and that was WAY too expensive for me to pay.  I earned all of my own money to buy clothes by cleaning my house and my cousins house every week.  Enter, the savvy high school shopper.  All of my friends and I started going to Nordstrom Last Chance where we could score our Docs for $30! Now, mind you I do have a passionate and turbulent relationship with my dear Last Chance.  Sometimes I go and scour the store and find NOTHING! UGH! That is the worst.  Last night I went and was reminded why I keep this relationship going! Here are my finds...

Vera Wang Lavender Label for $60, they are in Nordy right this very minute for $275

Nine West "Smarts" which are also in Nordy now for $80, I scored for $18!

And finally, these Toms that I scored for $18!

God I love a good deal!


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