Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tsk Tsk

On Tuesday night we all went to Jason's softball games.  I was having a fun time with Liam walking around, playing at the playground and just watching him be cute.  This other chick showed up with her two kids and the younger one was like 2.5.  He started running back and forth on the bleachers so of course Liam wanted to play too.  So, I took his little hand and went back and forth on the bleachers until the other kid decided that he didn't want to share the bleachers that we were on.  He came over and kicked my son, yeah totally kicked him while I was holding his hand.  I looked at his mom for her to come and get her monster, I mean kid and she didn't.  She said (kids name) honey get out of the way, move, move honey.  And, this went on for the next hour until they left.  She never got up once to move her brat even when he got right in Liams face to me mean.  My kid being the best baby ever puckered up for a kiss when the monster got too close!  The kid turned and ran the other direction over a kiss.  Who knew a kiss would do it?  So, the chick never disciplined her kid, never said sorry he kicked Liam basically she sat on her ass and watched her tiny boyfriend (he is my size) play ball.  When did it become okay to ignore your childs poor manners in public?  I think I may have missed that memo...  


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