Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hello again...

I have been busy and uninspired the last month and today I feel like I got my mojo back.  I am four papers away from finally graduating this December.  I cut all of my hair off yesterday and I went to JCrew and bought some gorgeous things, all on sale! 

Liam is getting so cute and smart and funny each day it is amazing to me.  Now he full on chases our dogs while yelling.  He kisses like a kissy monster.  He loves to give hugs.  He can point out so many body parts it is amazing and he actually listens to me when I say NO. 

On another subject, I was feeling like me blogging about me and my life was too self important and wasn't into it.  I joined groups and clubs and other blogs trying to get a ton of followers and for what?  I don't really give a shit if people think I am cool, so I am not doing the high school blog popularity contest thing here.  I follow who I really like to read and see what they are up to because they inspire me.  I write to get what is going on in my head out, period.  I enjoy writing about what is going on because who else am I going to bore with my fashion obsessions and crafty ideas.  So XOXO to my Aunties that LOVE my blog and XOXO to anyone else who really likes to read this!


Amanda said...

Oh Monie I love you so!

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