Monday, September 13, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!

Things I want to accomplish before the end of the year!

1.     1.  Get more organized! I’m pretty organized now but I want to be organized on the Martha Stewart level.  I want my pantry organized, my laundry room, my office and my crafts.  I have storage now for everything with great file folders and containers to hold it all.  I like for everything in my house to have a “home” if you will and if something is out of place I randomly hide it somewhere.  I don’t intend to hide it but this is inevitably what happens and most of the time it is with my hubby’s things.  My sister in law Megan told an awesome story about me doing this and I didn’t even realize that she was talking about me until the very end.  I don’t want to hide stuff anymore everything will have a place to go and be put away neatly.
1.      2.  Get over my fear of flying!  When I was a wee little kid my brother and I flew everywhere by ourselves and for the past 11 years I am TERRIFIED.  I freak on planes full on panic, sick to stomach, crying.  It is not a pretty sight or feeling.  I don’t drink so that is out of the question and I have tried drugs (legal of course) and I freaked out on Xanax on the plane, it was like I was still freaking but in slow motion.  I am over it, I want to be able to fly to Montana in 2 hours rather than spend 19 hours in the car or fly to see my Grand in California in an hour and Florida to see my papa.  The only solution left to try is to get hypnotized.  My therapist (yes I have one) told me that it can actually help!   Fingers crossed that it works. 


Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

I need to get more organized too!

Jenni said...

Organization is one of my goals too! Good luck getting over the flying fear!

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Ha! I just did a post about getting organized the other day... it's hard, but so worth it. I have a ways to go myself!

Beth McC. said...

Love your answers!! I am always saying I need to organize! My home office looks like a paper bomb went off in there!! Love your blog too, so cute!

katmcd said...

Flying takes you to some awesome places. I hope you can get over your fear!

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