Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Liam turned 1!

My Little baby turned 1! We had a great party with our fabulous family and friends.  I made over 100 cupcakes and with the help of my sister in law Megan we frosted them all.  Liam was great, he stayed awake, didn't fuss and entertained his guests for 3 hours! When it was cake time he was interested in the candle, which I blew out for him.  He reached and grabbed the cake only to become instantly disgusted by the feeling on his hands.  He turned to my hubby and I with a concerned "help me" look on his face.  We cut the cake and he still didn't want anything to do with it.  On Monday, we went to visit our favorite baby doctor and he got 4 immunizations and his blood drawn, poor baby.  His is happy and healthy what more could a girl ask for?! 
Liams Stats:
Weight: 19lbs 12oz
Height: 28.5in
Teeth: 8
Size: 12 month
Shoe size: 5
Diaper size: 3

Favorite food: chicken noodle
Favorite snack: cheerios
Favorite dog: Penelope
loves bath time
Furniture walks
Climbs on toys and fireplace
Pushes toys and furniture to walk around the house
Drinks from a straw
Loves to feed himself
Says: dada, doggy and mama when upset

I am so proud and amazed everyday by my darling little baby!


The Adventures of a Blondie Mommie said...

Too adorable! Such a big boy and so smart! That's so cool that he high-fives!!

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