Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Telling Tuesday

I have a confession...I am a total boss control-freak.  I know I am and sometimes I am not proud of it.  I boss everyone one around, sometimes I can do it in a nice way and trick somebody into thinking it was their idea (it totally wasn't). I have freakishly good skills when it comes to this.I have exceptional skills with kids too.  Other times I am a bossaholic but I just can't help it.  My brain doesn't let me let you do things your way.  In the interest of full disclosure I did talk to me therapist about this and it didn't help.  She said I have to learn to let things go, uh I can't, hello?!  I will obsess and pace and fidget until I knock you out of the way so I can do the dishes properly or load the grocery cart up.  Yes my mental behavior joins me on trips to the grocery store, I organize the cart and the conveyor belt so the groceries are bagged properly and they never are.  I cringe at passer by carts like I am watching a bad science experiment.  I am fine with my issues everyone else has the problem. 


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