Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh Thursday...

So I have been on a quest to try and conserve as much energy in the house as possible. Last summer my electric bill in July was $599. No that is not a joke I am serious. So I raised the thermostat from 78 to 80 and have stopped using the oven! I have been a power nazi around the house yelling "NO DRYER!" to Jason every time he goes near it(he likes to fluff all of his clothes before he puts them on, sometimes the fluffing lasts for an hour). I am going to try a no-bake and see how it comes out.

In Liam news...he is now saying uh-oh! This morning he tossed his soap out of the tub and said uh-oh. He also has a game he is playing with Jason where Jason throws his hands in the air and Liam does it too yelling the entire time.


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