Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Yes, today is my birthday.  Today is the day that I go from twenty-something into an entirely new realm.  I have to admit I am kind of freaked out about being 30!  Not that I feel old but I still feel like I am a 15 year old know it all that is posing as a housewife and mom.  So, as I sit at my computer listening to Howard Stern this morning (like I do every morning, I LOVE HIM) I am reflecting on the things that I am grateful to have.   I feel so lucky to have such an amazing man as my husband.  He makes it his goal to make every wish that I have come true.  Case in point this weekend he took my shopping (he hates to shop) for my birthday for two days!  I am lucky to have such an amazing baby Liam.  He has the best personality, never cries, and is cuddly like his mommy.  I am lucky to have an amazing family that lets me know how much I am loved and they support me all the time! 


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