Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oye Vay!

Hello all my lovelies,

So Liam has got to be the cutest baby on the planet, I just can't lie. He has such a personality already. He loves to run around in his wheels, play with people and the dogs, which just means that he really likes to pull their hair. Stunner tries to help him on a regular basis by grabbing his legs, pushing him forward and trying to roll him over. He scared the dogs when he started him army crawling because they were under the impression that he was immobile. Well, he showed them! He got a fist full of Stunner and chased Penelope right out of the room. His first tooth came in on Easter Sunday! He was using his Saber tooth to gnaw on mom and dad and now he has 2 teeth. He likes to sharpen them on tables, toys, food, bottles (not baby bottles!) IPhones, and TV remotes. Liam also is a tech aficionado. He enjoys my office computer and keyboard, Grandpa Jay's Mac, any IPhone and anything bright, he is also Skyping so if you are on let me know and if Liam is awake you can call him! XOXOX

Oh yeah and he still hates all of the baby food that I make! XOXOXO


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